The school bus service is something many parents depend on, and you expect the person driving your kids to and from school is taking extra caution. Well, some Dallas school bus drivers have racked up hundreds of tickets for dangerous traffic violations.

In Dallas County, the school bus service is currently under scrutiny for an insane amount of tickets since 2014. Tickets for running red lights make up the majority of the 480 tickets. Some school bus drivers were even caught driving past another school bus that was stopped dropping kids off with the stop arms extended.

Thirteen school bus drivers have been fired as a result of this investigation. Another 229 have been placed on suspension for five to nine days without pay. Ten percent of the entire district's drivers were found guilty in the investigation.

"It is inexcusable of a bus driver to ever do that. They know better," said Dallas County Schools board president Larry Duncan. The investigation also found that the Dallas County school district never disciplined the drivers. Instead, they just used the school budget to pay off all the tickets.

The district says it will have to stagger the driver suspensions because suspending 229 school bus drivers all at once could cause chaos for the bus system.The district is also demanding that drivers repay the fines they caused.