Talk about turning a negative into a positive.

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A couple of weeks ago, someone decided to attack the mayor of Wichita Falls race. I believe it was after a city council meeting, someone in our city commented 'don't believe the taco eater'. Mayor Stephen Santellana instead of combating this guy's hate with another hateful comment, decided to make a joke. “I believe eating tacos is a badge of honor in Texas. Raise your hands if you eat Tacos!"


Yeah, we all eat tacos man. Racist Mcgee over here, you ain't eating tacos? As Dave Chappelle once said, whatever someone eats is never a reason to hate.

Out of this comment spawned something positive. Mayor Stephen Santellana came up with the genius idea of a Taco Festival in Wichita Falls. He's been planning it out for a few weeks and it's going down this Saturday. It kicks off at noon in Bud Daniels Park in downtown Wichita Falls.


The tacos will be provided by local vendors, food trucks and families. Each vendor can sell their product. "We’re hoping that some of the proceeds will be able to raise some more money through scholarships,” Santellana told Times Record News. He said no city money is being used for the event.


He's hoping this can become an annual event for this city and I hope that is does. All you taco hating people can stay at home with your racist comments. More tacos for me this weekend.

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