The Wichita Falls ISD added the topic of transexual students and restroom / locker room policy to the agenda for the May 16 board meeting.  Board President Trey Sralla confirmed that the item was added late Monday in the wake of an edict from President Obama, directing public schools to allow transexual students to use facilities based on their 'gender identity'.

The Justice Department and the Department of Education cited Title IX requirements and have threatened to withhold federal funding from districts who failed to comply.  While some experts argue that the Presidents order is little more than grandstanding, several states are gearing up for a legal battle to stop the actions of the federal government.

The WFISD amended it's agenda before the deadline on Friday to add the discussion item as follows:

Consider adopting a policy regarding gender assignments to restrooms and consider requesting legal representation from the Texas Attorney General’s Office for such a policy. The Board will consider and may authorize the initiation of litigation on behalf of the district with regard to this policy.

You can view the entire agenda for tonight's meeting here.  The meeting begins at 6 pm at the WFISD Administration Building at 1104 Broad Street.

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