There seems to be no shortage of liars and thieves in the world today.  And thieves these days, more often than not, take the form of electronic thieves.  Monica Horton from the North Texas Better Business Bureau advises consumers to be extra vigilant and suspicious of calls and messages from unknown callers:

“Area consumers are receiving text messages from con artists that fraudulently appear to be from Bank of America. This is an attempt to steal your personal information and the text message instructs consumers to call 407-392-0234. Some who have called the text message number report hearing an automated operator that repeats back the first portion of a person's credit card and asks the victim to enter in the full credit card number. It turns out bank credit cards often share the same first few numbers.”

Horton goes on to say that “If consumers do not know that, they could be fooled into providing the rest of the card numbers. The con artists can be very convincing these days with the use of a little technology.”

The Better Business Bureau is reminding consumers to never provide personal information to anyone you do not know. If you feel you have an issue please contact your bank directly before clicking on any links, responding to any messages or downloading any attachments.

You can report the text scam to your carrier or to the Federal Trade Commission. You can forward scam text Messages to 7726.


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