In what has been called retaliation for being terminated, a former employee of Knight Transportation entered the business Wednesday morning and opened fire, wounding two and killing one before killing himself.

According to police, a former employee who had been terminated weeks prior showed up at Knight Transportation in the Houston suburb of Katy, carrying a shotgun and a pistol.  The shooter reportedly yelled, "You ruined my life!" before opening fire at a supervisor with his shotgun.  The supervisor was killed, two others were wounded by debris, and then shooter turned the gun on himself.  Though the shooter had two weapons on him, only his shotgun was used in the shooting.  A responding deputy also suffered a knee injury and was transported to a local hospital.

The police and Knight Transportation have refrained from releasing any names of those involved with the shooting.  Police stated that apart from knowing that the shooter was a former employee, not much else is known about him at this time.

Knight Transportation, which is based in Arizona, announced that the Katy, TX location would remained closed pending the investigation.  Nearby Franz Elementary School and Morton Ranch High School were put on lock-down following the shooting.

via NBC News