The lake levels and the ongoing drought are major headlines right now.  But a secondary issue seems to be the water quality or at least perceptions about the water quality.  According to the City of Wichita Falls latest water quality study, our water is safe and of 'superior quality'.  But many of us have noticed a smell in the water.  Officials tell us that its a function of several things, but nothing harmful or unnecessary is the cause.

The old school notion has been that the lakes were 'turning over'.  That is not exactly one of the reasons, however.  Algae bloom, low lake levels and differences in temperature in different areas of the distribution system are some reasons cited by city officials in the past.  Many people have simply resorted to bottled water.  Home delivery of bottled water has skyrocketed in recent months.  One manager at a local Wal-Mart location tells News Talk 1290 that the demand for bottled water there is 'almost as hot as the demand for ammunition'.

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