It’s too early to call it a drought buster, but the storms of the past few days have certainly made a significant dent.  Heavy rains in Baylor, Archer and Clay counties have boosted the water levels at both Lake Kickapoo and Arrowhead.

The City of Wichita Falls released new numbers today and they are impressive: Lake Arrowhead 30.0%, Lake Kickapoo 53.5%. For comparison Lake Levels released May 4 were: Lake Arrowhead 20.4%, Lake Kickapoo 28.0%.  Residents of Wichita Falls remain under Stage 5 drought restrictions.  The combined total would have to exceed 30% before we would move back to Stage 4.

The Little Wichita River, which feeds both lakes, is continuing to rise as runoff continues to flow into the river from various tributaries.  More severe thunderstorms are predicted for the Wichita Falls area Friday and Saturday and with them forecasters are calling for more heavy rainfall. Updated lake levels should be available late Monday morning.

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