Have a fun time behind bars buddy, you 100% deserve it.

I know stories like this are why people say the government shouldn't have given out the Paycheck Protection Program back in 2020. Businesses could apply for this as way to keep their employees paychecks coming in if their doors were shut due to the coronavirus lockdown. Obviously, some people were going to try and scam the government.

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One of those people was Lee Price III over in Houston. He claimed that he had a construction business that needed to apply for the PPP loans. I'm glad to say someone did their job and was looking into these businesses that applied for these loans. Lee Price III received around 1.6 million dollars to go towards his employees. The problem, he has no employees.


Anybody remember that scene in 'Goodfellas' where Robert Deniro is all pissed at the guys for buying expensive stuff after they just did the heist? Looks like Mr. Price decided to go all out with this loan. Buying a F-350 Raptor, a Rolex, and if that wasn't enough a Lamborghini.

His sentencing was yesterday and I am happy to report he was sentenced to 110 months on wire fraud and money laundering counts. If you're dumb enough to do something like this DO NOT buy extravagant items that will bring you a lot of attention. People are going to start wondering where that money came from.

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