Four Texas Prison Officers have been fired and two have resigned in connection with taking inappropriate pictures at the prison for the 'Feeling Cute Challenge'.

According to USA Today, several Officers were linked to online posts as part of the '#Feeling Cute' challenge, featuring captions like, "Feeling cute, might just gas some inmates today, IDK". Last week, Bryan Collier, the Executive Director for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice posted an official statement to Facebook, saying,

You may have seen reports about the so-called feeling cute challenge that is currently being widely discussed on various social media channels.

Currently, 6 of the more than 25,000 correctional officers employed by this agency are under investigation for on and off-duty conduct violations as a result of the alleged posting of inappropriate photographs and comments on social media.

These officers in no way represent the thousands of TDCJ employees who go to work every day taking public safety seriously in all ways. Investigations are ongoing. If any allegations prove true, swift disciplinary action that could include termination of involved employees will occur.

Tuesday, it was announced that four of the Officers under investigation for the pictures have been terminated, and two others under investigation have resigned their positions.

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