Texas Rangers fans are going nuts (and for good reason). Some folks are celebrating the right way...while others maybe facing some jail time.

Do: Go Nuts During The Final Out

Right across the street from Globe Life Field, Texas Live was PACKED. Once the final out hit, confetti starts firing and fans went crazy.

DON'T: Drink and Drive

Some folks took the streets with their celebration with liquor bottles in hand and some of those folks were behind the wheel.

Do: Cancel School Friday

Parents, let your kids be a part of the parade on Friday. Honestly I think all schools in North Texas should have off. The Texas Rangers just won their first World Series EVER. They have been a franchise since 1972. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN EVERY DAY. Let the kids have some fun.

DON'T: Climb Texas Rangers Statues

Some dude thought it was a good idea to climb Nolan Ryan last night. Maybe climbing the base of the statue would be fine (honestly not ideal). Climbing on top of the shoulders? Horrible move man.

Do: Crap on the Texans

Literally and I do mean literally every professional sports team in Texas has championship...except the Texans. Poor, poor Texans.

DON'T: Rush the Field

Fans could have also watched the World Series at Globe Life Field last night even though the Rangers were in Arizona. Some dude thought it was a good idea to rush the field. Fun fact, he can be charged with trespassing now and if the Rangers wanted, could be banned for life. I doubt that happens, but if security wanted to be jerks, they could.

Do: Blast Creed Today!

I mean...you got to. Plus watch the epic Dallas Cowboys performance above.

Do: Buy a Newspaper

No better newspaper in the world than when your championship team is on the cover. In conclusion, celebrate responsibly Rangers fans. It's been one of the longest sports droughts ever and it's over.

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