I have no credentials on giving a lecture to kids on domestic violence and rape. I can assure you, though, I would not have done what this lady did. 

School assemblies suck. Sure, you get out of class, but man did they seem like they dragged on forever. I think I would have rather been in class. Here is one of the school assemblies I would've hated. Domestic violence and rape. Yes, a very important topic. The thing that sucks about these lectures is they talk to you like you're in kindergarten when they give them.

Not in this one. In fact, some things were said that should probably never be said in an assembly, especially one on rape. Everything started out fine during the speech, but as in most cases in high school lectures, students start talking. The group of girls got called out by the speaker.

Essentially the speaker said, an incident like this will happen to you talking and I won't feel bad for you. You can see a girl in the assembly describe the incident in the video above. After that, the assembly ended early and the one scheduled for later in the afternoon was cancelled.