'You're going to burn up, til you shut up,' is the phrase she allegedly used.

Over in Silsbee, Texas parents are questioning the actions of a school bus driver on her route this week. Apparently, the students on board were acting rowdy. As a punishment, she shut the air conditioning off on the bus. She also forced the students to roll up all the windows on the bus. This particular bus carries elementary, middle and high school students.

According to a group of students on the bus, it was the elementary school kids that were acting up. Parents were questioning why their children came home drenched in sweat. This particular school district has seven buses that do not have air conditioning on board. So that is not a requirement for students, even though this bus does have an air conditioning unit on board.

A district spokesperson said there is no policy that keeps kids from rolling down the windows on buses that have AC. One parent said their children would be written up and possibly suspended from riding the bus if they roll down the windows without permission. According to Silsbee ISD, the incident is under investigation. The superintendent and staff and reviewing the bus video.

I was a kid that rode the bus to and from school every day and I know those rides can get crazy sometimes. I acted up once and got suspended off the bus for a week and my parents had to take me to school every day. They let me know how mad they were about this and I never wanted to get suspended off the bus again. Forcing kids to ride with the windows up and no AC in Texas sounds awful. We will see if any actions go against this bus driver in the next few days.

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