A scary incident this week in Wichita Falls has people questioning how this could happen.

A Durham School Service Summer Bus in Wichita Falls had quite the incident this week. A young child pulled out a gun while on the school bus this week. This report came from Tyniia Witherspoon who told KAUZ about the incident.

The Durham corporate office released a statement on the situation by saying, "The safety of our students is our top priority, and we took immediate action following the incident by alerting the district, the district’s safety officer and then contacting the parents of the two students involved within 15 minutes."

Ashley Thomas, Communications Officer with the WFISD tells NewsTalk 1290 the handgun in question was actually a BB gun:

The student pulled the BB gun out of his backpack after exiting the bus. Disciplinary action was taken by Durham Transportation and the summer school administrator was informed about the incident.

Personally, glad to see no one was hurt, but I don't know what our district could do to stop something like this. Pat down the kids before getting on the bus? No way that plan is feasible. The district has a tough time ahead trying to think of a plan so this doesn't happen again.

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