The kid was acting up, but you need to be the adult in this situation.

Corporal Punishment is legal in some schools here in Texas. What I have been told about it, the parents must be called before it happens. That definitely didn't happen in this situation. The teacher's identity has not been revealed at this time. All we know is they teach at Cy Woods High School in Houston.

The student is obviously making fun of the fact that his teacher is bald. He rubbed a Clorox wipe on his head. I am assuming he was trying to 'shine' it up. The teacher loses it at this moment and it looks like he is just seeing red. He took off his belt and chased the student around the classroom. Eventually cornering him and getting a few good licks in.

Did the kid deserve it? Yeah, he was definitely being a jerk. However, that is not how it works anymore. You can't just beat the crap out of kids in the classroom. Some of you reading this sure wish it was that way, but it's not.

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