Some parents and students are very upset that this teacher being let go.

The Iowa Park school board has decided to accept the resignation of 29-year-old Hannah Espinoza. Hannah was initially given two options. That she turn in her resignation by Friday or the board would terminate her contract. So what did Hannah allegedly do that has her being let go?

It looks like Hannah was texting one of her students. It appears this is not one of those incidents where a teacher was texting a student something inappropriate or sexual in nature. It looks like the student was reaching out to Hannah for some counseling because that student recently had a breakup. Iowa Park has a very strict policy that teachers cannot text any student whatsoever.

KFDX attended the meeting last night that had several people trying to defend Hannah for doing nothing wrong. One parent brought up a trip her daughter went on in Iowa Park where other teachers violated this policy. “My daughter went to the New York Boston trip, she had to text teachers as a part of communication! If you can make an exception then, then why can’t you make an exception now?” one parent asked.

A student said, “She does not deserve this at all, if you’re going to run her out of town, you’re ruining Iowa Park!” I know the school board probably wanted the student to go to the school counselor if they needed counseling. No kid wants to do that. They would rather go to the teacher they trust or see every day in class.

I don't think she should lose her job, but it looks like they're not budging on their policy.

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