This is a story guaranteed to put you in a better mood.

We have all had a teacher that made a positive impact on our lives. The teachers that you always remember and you could never forget. One of those teachers is Michell Girard. One of her former students Chris, was found walking down the highway in Waco. Chris has a developmental disorder that makes him have the functionality of six-year-old.

When the cops asked him who could come help him, Chris could only remember his junior high teacher's name, Mrs. Girard. She had not seen Chris in over a decade, but came to his rescue on that day. Chris' father had recently passed away after a battle with leukemia. Chris has no other family and Mrs. Girard has taken him in.

She recently celebrated his birthday, which he has never had a party before. Mrs. Girard will be celebrating a lot of firsts with Chris since she has taken him in. Like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Chris recently got to go on a boat for the first time in his life. Mrs. Girard has currently applied to be his legal guardian and hopefully that goes through.

You can tell she really cares about Chris and I am sure she was like that will all her students. Shout out to all the teachers like Mrs. Girard that would do anything for her students.

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