The international Phi Delta Theta fraternity has decided to officially punish its Texas Tech chapter after receiving national attention for offensive signs at a party.

International leaders of Phi Delta Theta have kicked out the Texas Tech chapter leaders and placed the chapter in escrow after they violated the fraternity's organizational policies when they threw a party last month with offensive signs, including one that said, "No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal."  The fraternity's party also featured a cardboard cutout of female genitalia that sprayed people with water.  In a statement, Sean Wagner, associate executive vice president of Phi Delta Theta, said,

When reviewing this reprehensible behavior, there was a clear lack of leadership that created an environment that was disrespectful to women.

Part of our mission within Phi Delta Theta is to educate, and the intent of the comprehensive education offered is to empower remaining members with knowledge to help fight sexual assault at Texas Tech and other college campuses.

Remaining members of the fraternity will be required to take courses in sexual assault prevention, complete 10,000 hours of community service for rape crisis and sexual assault prevention centers, provide sexual assault prevention education locally, and bring in a speaker to teach the Texas Tech Greek community about bystander behavior.

This isn't the only Texas collegiate Greek organization facing controversy as of late.  Tech's Zeta Tau Alpha sorority is still under investigation after members were photographed throwing a "Border Patrol" party, and the Lambda Phi Epsilon chapter at University of Texas was suspended after allegedly denying membership to an openly gay student.

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