This little Peeping Tom got caught red-handed.

Warren High School in San Antonio is currently investigating how a male student snuck into the girl's locker room last week. A coach happened to spot the teen walking out of the locker room. The sixteen-year-old appeared to gain access from a back door that was propped open.

The boy was allegedly hanging out in a storage room, where he had a limited view of people inside the dressing room. Parents are obviously concerned and are worried the boy may have taken some photos of the girls while changing. The school said there is no evidence of any photos or video taken by the boy. With everyone having a camera on their phone nowadays, you can see why families would be concerned.

The school district said the “appropriate disciplinary action was taken,” but administrators would not elaborate on the details of the discipline. The principal sent home a letter to students who may have been in the locker room while the male student was in the locker room.

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