If you go to a place regularly, you do have a favorite place to park. This does not mean you own the space.

I am aware that in bigger cities you can own parking spots or maybe you have been to a business before that has parking for the company president. However, this is NOT one of those cases. This was a freaking grocery store parking lot in Corpus Christi. Yes, when I go shopping at Market Street I have a favorite place to park, I'm not going to get mad if someone is in that spot when I get there.

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Well 60-year-old Rossie Dennis was pissed when she pulled into H-E-B last week and found someone in 'her spot'. I am unable to find the video of the incident, but screenshots went viral on Reddit last week. It allegedly shows Rossie Dennis pointing a gun at a car and the victim claims it was all over a parking space. Police were able to identify the woman from the video and have since arrested her.

The incident took place on November 24th, but Rossie Dennis was arrested yesterday (November 30th) after she had been identified. Dennis was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and currently being held on a $50,000 bond.

So remember folks, if you're not paying for parking space or if it doesn't have your name on it. That parking space is not yours. This friendly P.S.A. brought to you by common sense.

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