They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. This guy has one goal, teach those crackheads a lesson.

Literally yesterday I wrote a story on a woman in wheelchair getting robbed of her chips and mayonnaise. I thought, that's it, nothing in Wichita Falls will top that story this week. Woah now, pump your brakes, it's Wichita Falls. Something more crazy is always bound to happen. Apparently over the past few days, Wichita Falls police have been getting calls about someone shooting BBs at them.


Now this isn't like some guy defending his property like Kevin McCalister. This is coming from a van driving around town and people are getting picked off while walking down the street. This first incident happened on Sunday on Brook Avenue near Collins Street. A guy got shot in his back, chest and rib cage multiple times. The BB gun ain't no Red Rider BB gun. The BBs actually got lodged in the victim's back.


The next victim was at the intersection of 14th Street and Austin Street. This guy got hit in the palm. Guess our shooter's aim was a little bit off on this one. The final victim (at least the ones that reported it to the police) was shot in the lower back on Monday near Kell Boulevard and McGregor Avenue. A witness was finally able to give a license plate number for the alleged shooter. Some people were reporting an SUV, some were reporting a minivan.

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Which could be true, we don't know if they were switching vehicles since some of the shootings happened on different days. Police patrolled the area where the vehicle was registered and found the vehicle on Giddings Street and Avenue H. Wouldn't you know it, a BB gun was found in the vehicle.


I know what you're thinking. Damn kids being a-holes driving around shooting random people. The alleged shooter is 29-years-old. His name is Hawkins Lynn Kipp and admitted to police to shooting these people. Why? Kipp believes these people are crackheads. I have no proof that these people shot are crackheads, but I guess Kipp knows a crackhead when he sees one and needs to shoot them.


Kipp says he is on a mission to shoot crackheads. Apparently, crackheads stole from him one time and he now spends his days seeking revenge. This is the worst superhero origin story ever. It's like if the Punisher had the crappiest weapon ever. Kipp was in possession of the gun, an extra CO2 cartridge and a package of BBs. Guess it was about to be hunting season again if the Wichita Falls police didn't find him.


He is now facing three charges of assault. So I guess Wichita Falls crackheads, time to clean up and get off the crack. Who knows, you might end up with a BB in your ass. If that won't get you sober, I don't know what will.

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