As an avid collector and fan of all things Star Wars, I have to admit to being just a tad bit jealous of this guy.

Bill McBride has been fascinated with Darth Vader ever since he was a kid. He would eventually turn his love for the Sith Lord into the Guinness Book of World Records largest Darth Vader collection.


While he’s not exactly sure how much the collection is worth on today’s market, McBride had spent more than $270,000 on the collection as of 2015, according to the World Record Academy. He admits that he wouldn’t be able to afford his collection today.

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The collection consists of over 70,000 pieces with some of it currently on display in a room dedicated to Darth Vader, but most of it is in a temperature-controlled storage unit on the east coast (McBride recently moved from Washington, D.C. to the Rio Grande Valley for work).


You’ll find action figures, one-of-a-kind paintings, helmets and more in McBride’s “Vader Vault.” One piece in particular that he is proud of is a helmet used in a live stage performance in Japan. The helmet was offered to McBride by a good friend:

I absolutely love. It was offered to me by a good friend of mine. He knew it was going to a good home, so it kind of checks all those boxes. It’s a super significant piece in its own way, has a sentimental value, and just the history behind it. is reporting that he plans to display the collection at area comic cons, but doesn’t currently have the time due to his work schedule.

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