It’s been said that elections have consequences. Do tell? Celebrities are threatening other celebrities over the inauguration, attempting to intimidate those who might decide to perform.  Rumors are flying that Hollywood is threatening to stop making movies until Trump resigns.  Who cares? If they actually were to stop making movies, would it really have any impact on your life or decision making?  Of course not.  And, trust me; most of them are not going to stop making movies. You don’t abandon the goose that lays your golden eggs.

Can you imagine the outrage if anyone had threatened anyone who performed at Obama’s inauguration? Negative comments about Obama are almost universally followed by charges of racism. Why? Because it’s all they’ve got. He’s spent 8 years making Jimmy Carter look like a competent man. The ‘community organizer’ has left the American community far worse off than how he found it. On January 20, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. The election is over.  Trump won.  Get over it.  Where have we heard this before?

I do not expect any Trump supporters to blindly follow in lock-step with everything President Trump does or wants to do. You should be critical where criticism is warranted. You should oppose those things, should they appear, that are detrimental to our society. This is the thing I found the most disturbing about Obama supporters; following along blindly, clinging to his every word as absolute gospel and never daring to question him. And they labeled anyone who opposed him a racist. Funny how so many who have preached a need for a ‘color blind society’ are so quick to pull the race card when they aren’t getting their way.

As I said on election night, regardless of who won the election, the world would go on; the sun shall rise again. And it has many times since. But a Hillary Presidency would have stalled our economy even further, made the cracks in our society even wider, driven the wedges between the US and our allies even deeper and jeopardized the integrity of the office of President to a level her husband could have only fantasized about.

Hillary Clinton would have diminished this nation, no question about it.  But yet so many of her followers refused to acknowledge the facts about the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi and her private and terribly unsecure email scandal that exposed God knows who to God knows what. Democrats, you made your bed, now lie in it. Your top two picks for the nomination were a crusty, old curmudgeon socialist and a rude, unlikeable liar; two career politicians who represented some of the most deplorable characteristics of your party. But your downward spiral was your own doing after all.

Remember a guy named Gary Hart? In 1987, the Miami Herald reported that Hart, a Colorado Senator and candidate for the 1988 Democratic Presidential nomination, had spent the night with an attractive young woman named Donna Rice. The National Enquirer published a photo of Hart with Rice on his lap and that was a wrap for Hart’s political ambitions. He was denounced by his own party as a womanizer, a married man carrying on with a hot, young model who could not possibly represent the highest ambitions of Democrats.

But as I have pointed out in the past, your hypocrisy knows no limits.  Just four short years later you nominated the king of the letches to as your candidate.  Honesty, integrity, decency, morality and character haven’t amounted to a damn thing to democrats since that time.  Hillary rode Bill’s coattails just long enough to get the lift necessary to ascend to the highest ranks of the Democratic Party.  I suspect that if Bill were on fire, she would not bother to spit on him.  But hey, it’s not the first time a Democrat got a pass, right?  John F. Kennedy apparently wasn’t the Boy Scout some would like to think he was.

Of course the Republican Party has had plenty of scandalous people in its ranks. High profile candidates of the past like Newt Gingrich and John Boehner have been dogged by allegations of affairs. And former Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana got caught with his pants down, so to speak, in the DC Madame scandal. Then there’s the issue of Donald Trump’s 11 year-old remarks to Billy Bush, caught on a hot mic on a bus.  The pair engaged in some filthy locker room talk that both have paid a price for. I’m pretty sure that, privately, Melania had some choice words for her husband.  No one’s past is spotless.  Some are filthier than others.  But it takes a special degree of dirty to do what some politicians will do, all with a smile on their faces.

As for Mr. Trump-just how and why did he get elected?  Why did so many American’s vote for him and thus compel the vote of the Electoral College? First, anyone, and I mean anyone, was preferable to Hillary Clinton. She may be intelligent, but she's as shady as they come and her blatant disregard for anyone but herself makes her dangerous. Secondly, America is tired of career politicians.  This should put congress on notice, though I doubt they take it seriously.  We are tired of people who make a lifetime career out of being elected.  Serve a couple of terms, and then go away. Lastly, and this one will most certainly inflame the left-wing, race-baiting, we-hate-everything-about-everyone snowflakes: Donald Trump sounds and acts more like us than any of the rest of them.

America is, I believe, ready to be great.  We like being at the top of the tree and you don’t want anyone else there.  We are exceptional on many levels.  There’s a reason people flee to this country.  There’s a reason we walk around with our heads held high, pounding our chests.  It’s because we are the United States of America, a constitutional representative republic that has carved out a place in the history of mankind like no nation has before.  If you’ll pardon the language, we are bad asses and it’s about time we behaved like it.

Just as it’s impossible to have genuine respect for weak people, it’s impossible to have respect for weak nations. You can be tough and be compassionate.  You can be tough and be thoughtful.  You can be tough and be respectful.  But you cannot roll over and kowtow to those who seek to demean your culture, destroy your independence, degrade your sovereignty or harm your citizens.  Barack Obama is seen as a weak, ineffectual leader who has left this nation further in debt, diminished on the world stage and weakened culturally and morally on nearly every level.  He did not speak like a leader; therefore he diminished the respect of others towards him.

Like it or not, Trump is seen as the polar opposite of Obama.  Time will tell just how much of a leader he can be.  It’s not just about the economy.  How he goes about fulfilling his promise to secure our border and strengthen our ties to allied countries will be front and center come January 21st.  As he elevates himself, he will elevate this nation.  He’s surrounding himself with some very smart individuals.  But do they have the heart, the guts, the grit and the determination to make this country really great again?  By 2020, we’ll know.  In the words of Senator Harry Reid-elections have consequences.

Yes, senator, they sure do.  Just ask Hillary Clinton.  She’ll confirm it for ya.




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