As we inch closer to 2020, I’m expecting the return of the ‘I’m leaving America if he’s (re) elected’ chant.

A number of so-called celebrities made the declaration. I don’t think any of them made good on their promise. Chelsea Handler, Snoop Dog, George Lopez, Barbara Streisand and Jon Stewart are just a few of the Hollywood lefties who vowed to get out of Dodge if Trump were elected President.

Well, they're all still here. They had no real intentions of leaving and they won’t in 2020, either. You don’t walk away from the goose that lays the golden eggs. And that’s exactly what America is for them and millions of others. If anyone had threatened such action under Obama, they would have been labeled a racist. They also would have sounded just as stupid as these knuckleheads did in 2016.

Oh, they’ll do it again. And we’ll see more confrontations between anti-Trump crowds, police and Trump supporters, like the one in Minnesota last week. Everyone, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, needs to take a step back and realize, he is your President. And he’ll likely get elected to a second term. The world did not end when Donald J. Trump took the oath of office and it won’t end when he does so for his second term. And no one is moving to another country. We’ve all got it good in the USA, so quit whining, ok?

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