Two James V. Allred Unit correctional officers have found themselves on the other side of the jail cell bars.

KFDX reports that two officers have been arrested and charged with conspiring to smuggle contraband into the prison to sell to inmates. Tanner Hudson Morris is charged with two counts of prohibited items in a correctional facility and bribery. Chance Christian Briscoe faces a charge of bribery. Both had been employed by TDCJ only a few months, as both were hired on August 13, 2018

According to arrest affidavits, Morris admitted to the investigator that he arranged with an inmate to buy a cell phone and marijuana. Morris was offered $1,500 to smuggle the phone and dope into the prison.

A note detailing the agreement and the alleged cell phone were found in Briscoe’s car, which was parked in the Allred parking lot. Briscoe was instructed to contact a woman named ‘Silvia’, who would pay him $500 to bring a phone and marijuana to an inmate. Marijuana was recovered from Morris’ car. KFDX also reports that the affidavit stated that Morris decided to just keep the marijuana and smoke it himself.

Though both were apparently booked into the Wichita County Jail, they do not appear on the jail roster at this time.

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