I think that it’s safe to say that this guy completely lost it.

Over the weekend, Houston Police arrested a man for allegedly throwing office supplies, and other random items out of a broken window from the 24th floor, at JP Morgan Chase Tower.

Early Saturday morning, a local resident flagged down a police officer, after he witnessed random objects falling from Chase Tower in downtown Houston.  Around 8 AM, police dispatched both the SWAT team, and hostage negotiators to the scene at 600 Travis Street.   Houston Police then closed off several surrounding streets in the area to both negotiate with the man throwing the objects, and to protect the public from being hit by items falling from the office building.

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Fortunately, no one was injured in this bizarre incident.   After a long standoff that lasted for hours, the man finally came down from the tower, and was taken into custody.  The management at Chase Tower are still investigating how he even got into the office building to begin with.  The suspect is not employed by any business currently occupying Chase Tower.  In fact, this guy is not even a Houston resident, and doesn’t even live in the surrounding area.

Investigators still don’t know why this man was throwing objects from the tower.  I guess that he just had a bad day at the office.


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