If you ate corn flakes for breakfast this morning and they tasted a little funny. I think I know why. 

I hate when videos like this come out. It makes me skeptical of all of the food I have in my house. This is from a Kellogs production line. You can see the K logo on the machine at one point in the video. People are saying this is the corn flakes production. No word on whether they're original or frosted.

They have been frosted with fresh urine though. Here's what sucks, this video is from 2014. These flakes have been on store shelves forever now. Kellogg's responded to requests for comment and they confirmed that the video is real. Great urine flakes on the market for two years, delicious.

WHAT'S FOR BREAKFAST?? Man Video Tapes Himself URINATING At The Kellogg's CORN FLAKES Factory . . . He's Actually PEEING...

Posted by Mediatakeout on Saturday, March 12, 2016