I have been waiting for this guy to return to our city and it looks like new videos went up this week.

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What in the hell am I doing with my life where I am excited for a new Wichita Falls toilet flushing video? I don't know what it is, but I am fascinated by this guy that travels our state flushing toilets. It's insane to me that this guy has a YouTube page dedicated just to this. I found out about this two months ago.

Well it looks like we have a new video of the bathroom at the Southwest Tower building. I believe that is where the Chase bank is at in Wichita Falls on Kemp Boulevard. Today we explore three toilets, two urinals and a sink. Exciting stuff I know. This dude loves his toilets, he says these are 3 1979 Auburns(toilets) 1 1979 Dover(urinal) 1 late 1990s Dover (urinal).


I legit laugh every time he gives a thumbs up after a successful flush. What the hell did you expect to happen man? I would hope they would flush with just water in them. Thank god we're no longer in a drought or wasting water like this would get him thrown out like a decade ago in Wichita Falls.


I think I need to contact this guy and let him film the toilets at the radio station. I need to interview him because to dedicate a YouTube page to flushing toilets is one way to go about your life. I guess.

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