I finally got to try out the Chief Drive-In over in Chickasha this past weekend, but how does it compare to the Graham Drive-In.

Sadly, I feel like I grew up in the wrong generation. My absolute favorite way to watch a movie is at a drive-in. I don't know why, but something about sitting under the stars watching a movie on a giant screen. It's calming to me, I can't explain it. Sadly here in Wichita Falls we have zero! At one point this city had SIX drive-ins.

Now if you want to go to one from Wichita Falls, you have to make a day out of it. So which one is better? The Chief Drive-In over in Chickasha, Oklahoma or The Graham Drive-In in Graham Texas? I'll let you know which drive-in does things better and which city is worth checking out.

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    Which Trip is Better?

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    This one was the hardest to pick, so I will say it is honestly a tossup. The trip to Chickasha is definitly longer. About and hour and twenty minutes to Chickasha and only fifty minutes to Graham. So why is it a toss up? That trip coming back from Graham around 1 am is not fun. Lots of winding roads and I have seen some deer on that road late at night. Chickasha, you just jump on the highway and can go 80 mph straight there. However, you have to pay two tolls, so that adds to the negatives with the extra distance.

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    Which Town is better?


    Another tie?! This honestly depends on what you want to do before the drive-in? Want to hit up a nice local restaurant? Then go with Graham for sure. Want to go have some drinks before the drive-in? Go to Chickasha for sure. Graham not the best bar town and Chickasha has decent food, but nothing that blows you away. I recommend eating at Rockin S in Graham and drinking at the Canadian River Brewing Company in Chickasha.

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    Drive-In Setup


    I prefer Graham for this one. It's more spread out and I think the location is great. Chickasha did have some cornhole tables setup on the sides of the field that I did play before the movie so that was fun. It also looks like at one point in Chickasha they had a putt putt course below the screen.

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    Food at the Drive-In

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    Sorry, this one isn't even close. I recommend some popcorn and definitely an ice cream float in Graham. In Chickasha, get the date night package. Fifty bucks gets you two tickets to the movies, a large pizza, mozzarella sticks, large popcorn and two large drinks. They have a much bigger selection at the Chief Drive-in as well. Also, whenever you go to a drive-in, always visit the concession stand. That is where they make the majority of your money so be sure you always check it out no matter where you go.

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    Graham Drive-In
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    So what's the better deal? This is another tough one, but I give a slight edge to Graham. Tickets are only seven dollars compared to eight at the Chief. Kids tickets five dollars at both places. Remember you get two movies usually with that price. Also coming from Wichita Falls, the trip will be cheaper going to Graham. Less distance and no tolls unlike the Chief. However, that date night package at the Chief is a real good deal in my opinion.

  • Conclusion

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    Honestly, support both of these places when you can. Plan a trip to both of them every summer. I know I plan on going back to both of them every year. The drive-in is a lot of fun and if you've never been, you have to go at least once in your life.