It's a debate I have with myself every year, what kind of candy should I give out on Halloween? However some folks don't give out candy and these are the people we need to shame today.

To the folks that do not want to participate in the holiday of Halloween. I literally have no problem with you. However, you must follow one simple rule on October 31st. Turn your porch light off! Kids/Parents, no porch light, no knock. This is really quite simple. However, some people still like to handout nonsense on Halloween night.

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I will never forget this house that would hand out pamphlets on Halloween about how we were honoring Satan that night. Mam, I am dressed as a Street Shark and just want some free candy. I am not trying to get into a spiritual debate with you as seven-year-old. Don't worry, she got some nice eggs thrown at her house as I got older. (Note this did not take place anywhere remotely close to Wichita Falls, so I don't need a visit from the WFPD)


This got us to thinking this week. What is the worst things you have ever gotten handed out to you on Halloween? We asked this on our Facebook page and got some very interesting results. I thought my Satan pamphlet was bad, but some of these maybe worse. Let me what's the worst thing you got that was not candy related. By the way, a crappy piece of candy is better than anything on this list.

The Worst Halloween Handouts in Wichita Falls

Candy is typically what you should be handing out on Halloween, but you always have that one house that hands out something weird. Below we have the weirdest Halloween handouts in Wichita Falls that people have gotten throughout the years.

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