UPDATE 5/31/19 3:46 PM
The City of Wichita Falls has just announced in a press release that Deputy City Manager Jim Dockery has resigned from his position effective immediately.

KFDX is reporting that the Deputy City Manager of Wichita Falls, Jim Dockery, is being investigated by the Wichita County District Attorney's Office.

Jim Dockery-City of Wichita Falls Deputy City Manger (Image source-City of Wichita Falls website)

The story indicates that a search and arrest warrant was issued and investigators began conducting 'trash pulls' from Dockery's residence on Wendover Street. The investigators reportedly found evidence of marijuana in several plastic bags over several searches and also found evidence that marijuana may have been grown on the property or in the residence.

The investigation was reportedly spurred by information from a source who told investigators that Dockery was growing and using marijuana and supplying other family members with the drug. The article further states that:

..."authorities seized one clear container containing marijuana, a Ralph Lauren box with pot, three marijuana cigarettes, a blue zipper bag containing marijuana and a box containing assorted marijuana growing equipment."

As of press time, Dockery has not been arrested.