Wichita Falls always pops up on these lists and it's good to still see us on there.

One of the many pluses to living in Wichita Falls is the cost of living. We always rank in the top of the country for this and we can add another ranking for college students. A new survey came in for the best college towns in the country. One of the factors was the cost of living for college students and Wichita Falls came in at fifth in the whole country.

Texas dominated this category, your top five are below.

1.Edinburg, Texas

2. Muncie, Indiana

3. Laredo, Texas

4. McAllen, Texas

5. Wichita Falls, Texas

Before we start complementing this survey too much, that is the only positive factor they put for Wichita Falls as a college town. We were ranked 271st college town out of a possible 415. Not good, but hey where do we rank as a small college town? Wallethub says that Wichita Falls is the 125th best small college town. Out of 200, that puts us below the average.

Our city does appear to be growing, so hopefully our ranking can go up next year. I will admit, I came to Wichita Falls in 2007 for college and I think our city over a decade later is VASTLY improved from what it was when I first got here. I would have hated to see the city's ranking back then.

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