Chris Cunningham and partner Charles Choate took a major financial leap into the difficult world of the restaurant business when they teamed up in 2014 to revive the upscale Pasqual in Wichita Falls.

Justin Liles had purchased the restaurant in 2003 and brought it to its current location in Parker Square back in 2009. But hard financial times forced Liles to abandon ship in 2013 and Pasqual sat silent for months until Cunningham and Choate announced late in 2014 that they planned a Valentine's Day weekend launch in 2015.

Since then, the upscale restaurant has not proven successful for the new ownership, forcing them to sell. Cunningham took to YouTube Wednesday with a plea to the community to help keep the restaurant alive.

Cunningham sat down with NewsTalk 1290 on Friday to discuss what might have gone wrong with the business and why he's chosen to take a very unconventional approach in an effort to salvage the restaurant. That interview can be seen in the video above.

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