I was listening to a Barstool podcast yesterday and was shocked to hear Wichita Falls, Texas in the conversation. Let's see what we can find.

Listen to the Wichita Falls Mention at the 49 Minute Mark

So yesterday I was listening to this podcast in the hopes that my Baltimore Orioles would sign Dylan Cease from the Chicago White Sox and was hoping for a live reaction from the Bartstool Chicago guys. Sadly that didn't happen, but instead something more insane happened. I learned one of the Barstool guys lived right here in Wichita Falls for a bit playing for the Wildcats.

Anybody in Wichita Falls Run Into Rudy Junda?

Nowadays Rudy is known as the Stool Scenes guy at Barstool. His main job is getting that video ready to go every week. Sort of an inside the office look at what goes on behind the scenes at the Barstool Headquarters. He does a lot more up there, but I would say your average Barstool fan would know him as that.

Rudy Played for the Wichita Falls Wildcats from 2012-2014

Yup, it's real. That's definitely Rudy from Barstool. His stats as a Wildcat in 2012-2013 were 48 games played and eight goals scored. In the 2013-2014 season he played 54 games and scored eleven goals. I was actually able to find some video of Rudy because he made the NAHL Plays of the Week back in 2014.

Watch Rudy in Action Below, He's the First Highlight

Another Rudy Highlight with a Game Tying Goal

Pretty cool to see a former Wichita Falls Wildcat making a name for himself in the media world. Congratulations to Rudy and I wonder if he has any fond memories of Wichita Falls?

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