You see that cellophane-wrapped little bit of goodness I have in my hand?  That, my friends and fellow Americans, is a Little Debbie Oatmeal Crème Pie.  Ah, Little Debbie snacks.  They are my friend.  They’ve been there when I needed them most and for that, I am truly grateful.  Oh how I love thee Little Debbie!  Well, that and my wife’s cocoanut pecan pies and mom’s chocolate meringue pies and my daughters Oreo Ice Box pie.  Yea, I got a thing for pie.  But there are forces around us that seem prepared to take whatever steps they need to take it all away from me, from you, our kids, all of us.

Who do they think they are?  Massachusetts wants to ban bake sales at schools.  They are the latest in a long line of nosy know it all’s that are hell-bent on ridding the schools of the sugar scourge.  The WFISD policy on bake sales seems a little half-baked to me, though apparently you can do them, IF you’re a “non-profit”.  Word is that some schools in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area will have you boiled in oil if you even think of bringing sugary goodness into their domains.

But seriously, who do they think they are?  For that matter, who, exactly, are they?  Where do all these regulations come from?  At the public school level, it’s the school board that sets policy.  But we’re getting hammered from on high, aka the White House, Congress and so forth, to ‘combat childhood obesity’.    Do Americans have a weight issue?  Damn right.  Do we need government intervention to turn the tide?  Not no, but hell no!

I’m overweight.  I know it.  But I’m not a child and my child is not theirs so…back off!  As far as I am concerned, it is my wife and myself who’ll make the call on what the kids eat and when and how much.  Likewise, I will decide what I put into my stomach.  I feel blessed to live in a nation that has the safest food supply on earth and an abundance of it at that.  But I don’t appreciate yet another intrusion into my personal space by a bunch of New World Order busy-body, do gooders whose aim is not to make any of us healthier, but merely to control yet another aspect of our lives.  Don’t laugh this off.  It’s just another in the coffin of your civil liberties if you do.

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