Things got a little crazy during a flight from Dallas to Charlotte last Tuesday (July 6).

According to Business Insider, a lady on the plane had a meltdown about an hour into the flight. She attacked flight attendants and even tried to open the plane’s front door mid-flight.

Passengers on the flight say it wasn’t immediately clear exactly what was happening. The passengers knew something was wrong when flight attendants starting frantically running up and down the aisles, whispering among one another while grabbing bags from the overhead bins and locking the doors to the bathrooms.

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Eventually, the pilot got on the intercom and said there was “a bad situation on the plane” but didn’t go into any details.

A viral video on TikTok shows the woman duct-taped to her seat and yelling at passengers as they deboarded the plane. She was surprisingly able to get pretty loud even though her mouth was duct-taped as well.

While we’re unable to see the events leading up to the woman being restrained, the user who posted the video to TikTok Shared that a flight attendant said the woman got up and started banging on the exit doors, demanding to be let off the plane.

The woman had to be taken down and restrained after she started spitting on, biting and attacking flight attendants. She even managed to cause injury to one of the flight attendants, according to a statement from American Airlines to Business Insider.

It’s not clear what led to the woman wanting to get off the plane mid-flight, but it’s abundantly clear that she needs to get some help from a mental health professional ASAP.

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