Have you ever bought something at a garage sale and soon after regretted the purchase?  Here’s a story that will make you feel much better about whatever regrets you may have had. I can just about guarantee you’ve never made a purchase that went this badly.

According to a Fox News report, a neighbor of Marcella Jean Lee, 56, of Goldsboro, NC, purchased a freezer from Lee a few weeks ago in a yard sale. The freezer was taped shut and Lee asked the neighbor not to open it as members of her church were coming around to collect the contents.

The neighbor obliged, but after several weeks, no one had showed up to collect whatever was inside. The neighbor cut the tape and opened the freezer to what was, no doubt, a ripe and unexpected surprise. That surprise was the remains of the late Arma Ann Roush, Lee’s mother, who’d not been seen since August of 2015.

The 75 year old’s remains were autopsied and no signs of foul play were found.  According to the unidentified neighbor, Lee had described the freezer as ‘time capsule’.  She failed to tell her it also was serving as a coffin. Police are now searching for Lee, who the neighbor says left the state. Lee faces a felony charge of failing to report / concealing the death of a person.

The neighbor is shopping for a new freezer.

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