If you like to show off your Texas pride 24/7, may want to pick up some new jeans.

Looks like Wrangler jeans will be releasing five new brands for their Wrangler Rooted Collection. This collection is rooted in five different states. Only two are available right now, Texas and Alabama. North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee will be on the way soon.

The Rooted Collection partners with a local farm in each state to assure that the clothing is homegrown in each and every state. The farm chosen for Texas was Big Spring, about 90 miles outside of San Angelo. The collection is a limited, premium line made from 100% sustainable, traceable-to-the-farm cotton, according to wrangler.com. Each piece is grown, milled, cut and sewn in the United States.

Wrangler plans by 2025 to source 100% of its cottons from farms using these practices. “We’re trying to grow the best fiber that we possibly can,” Vance Smith of Big Spring Farms said. “I hope that’s passed down the line, and we know that Wrangler will have a good product.” Pretty cool to see this new line is starting right here in Texas and I may have to find a pair for myself.

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