Some habits really do die hard for some folks. Such is the case, apparently, with two Wichita Falls women.

Angela Louise Davis and Loretta Turner-WCSO
Angela Louise Davis and Loretta Turner-WCSO

51 year-old Loretta Turner and 44 year-old Angela Davis have 13 and 7 previous theft convictions respectively. KAUZ reports that employees of Market Street United contacted the Wichita Falls Police Department to report the pair attempting to steal meat from the store on Wednesday.

According to the report, Davis and Turner were seen on store security cameras filling a shopping cart with steaks, rolling it to an isle that was empty and then stuffing the steaks into their purses. The duo tried to walk past registers and out of the store with the beefy haul.

The total value of the steaks was $205. The attempted theft will cost them quite a bit more. Davis was charged with theft with two or more previous convictions, as well as criminal trespass, as she was barred from all United Supermarket locations in 2016. Turner was arrested and charged with theft with two or more convictions. Additionally, Turner has three outstanding warrants.

Both women remain in the Wichita County Jail. Turner is held on a total of $1,642 in bonds. Davis’ bonds total $1,500.

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