What: Texoma Friends of NRA Banquet

Where: The Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall at the MPEC

When: Tuesday, September 18--doors open at 5:30 pm


Cost: Dinner tickets are $25 and raffle tickets can be purchased at the event


Growing up in this part of the country, firearms are more than likely a daily part of your world.  Even if you don't shoot everyday, most likely you own at least one firearm and more than likely you enjoy sport shooting or hunting.  But the fact is, not everyone has the exposure to firearms that you or I have, especially where youth are concerned.  Enter the Friends of the NRA.  Now, we've all heard about the NRA-the National Rifle Association.  They've been around a long, long time.  So what exactly is the Friends of NRA?  They're mantra is pretty simple: Fun, Fellowship and Fundraising.  And the funds go to support things like youth shooting safety programs, hunter education, wildlife conservation and much more.

Chris Griffin dropped by 'The Rise and Shine Show' recently to talk about Tuesday's event and what the Friends of NRA is all about.



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