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Say they were stunts, or not very well thought out policy ideas, whatever you may want to call the recent border announcements by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, one thing is for sure, they got the attention of the press, the White House, and national Republicans. And they also got the news media talking once more about the Governor's plans for 2024.

Despite what the Democrats may say, Abbott is a smart guy. He doesn't do anything "just because" or because he wants to be reckless. The moves Abbott makes are typically planned out and strategic, even if the plans don't work out. Take Abbott's announcement about sending all illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C.

The left went nuts and overboard about how awful it was to be put on a charted bus and taken to Washington, D.C. Abbott's announcement drew praise from national Republicans and drew ire from the White House. But the announcement sounded tougher than the real act. Why? Because it's completely voluntary. Abbott isn't rounding up people and dropping them off in D.C., but that's how it appears and national Republicans have applauded it.

Take the other announcement about enhanced truck inspections caused backups and chaos a lot the border and on Friday, the Governor repealed the order. But not before being applauded by national Republicans and denounced by the White House.

Notice that being denounced by the White House is a good thing for a Republican if you are thinking about running in 2024. Just think about how many times the Biden Administration has denounced Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.

While I believe Abbott is eyeing a White House run in 2024, he has some major hurdles in his way. First, he has to beat Beto O'Rourke and I think he has to beat O'Rourke soundly if he wants to be considered a top candidate. Second, and maybe the biggest obstacle in Abbott's way, Trump. If Trump runs again in 2024, it's over for Abbott and everyone else. Finally, Ron DeSantis. Let's be honest, DeSantis is the guy to beat if Trump doesn't run in 2024.

No matter what happens, Abbott has a lot of work to do.

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