UPDATE (5/16/18 7:30 pm): Police have reportedly arrested the second girl who is believed to be the one who recorded the incident.

Original Story:

A video that shows a Wichita Falls teenager stabbing a kitten with a large knife has led to the girl's arrest.

Wichita Falls Police say the investigation is ongoing and they expect to arrest another girl sometime late afternoon Wednesday. The second suspect is the girl who is alleged to have shot the video on her cell phone.

The video, which we are not sharing due to its extremely graphic nature, shows the juvenile stabbing the kitten. Later, the girl is seen slamming the cat on the floor inside of a plastic bag, then she cuts the cat open chest to belly on a kitchen table.

The video quickly went viral and the girl was quickly identified on social media. Due to the girl's age, police are not releasing her identity.

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