With the help of citizens, the Wichita Falls Police Department is expanding its surveillance capabilities. 

In a press release, the WFPD announced it is rolling out a new system known as SafeCam to help curb crimes in the city. Several police departments across the country have been successfully using the program. 

Here’s how it works. Businesses and residents register their security cameras with the WFPD. Those who register will provide their name, address, the number of security cameras in use and which direction the cameras are pointed. 

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The police are then able to use SafeCam to streamline investigations, according to the press release: 

By compiling a list of known security cameras in neighborhoods, officers will be able to streamline investigations and directly contact residents or businesses who potentially caught suspects on camera. This partnership helps speed up the process of identifying and arresting suspects to prevent more crimes from occurring. In addition to speeding up the investigative process, the cameras also give detectives the ability to proactively prevent crime sprees from happening. 

For those who are concerned about their privacy, officers with the WFPD aren’t able to view video from the cameras unless it is voluntarily provided by the owner. The police department does NOT have direct access to cameras that are registered. All information provided is strictly confidential. 

Registration is free and participation is 100% voluntary. Businesses and residents can opt-in or out of the program at any time. 

For more information and to register for SafeCam, visit www.wfpdnow.com/safecam.

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