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This week's AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch shows the price of gas staying steady in Texas. The average price of regular unleaded gas is $1.86 per gallon in Texas, one cent down from last week.

“The average price for regular unleaded in the Lone Star State continues its streak below $2 a gallon since March, a record for Texas drivers since $2 per gallon gas was first seen in Texas back in 2005," said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. "With fall officially here, drivers may see gas prices decrease pending any major market volatility."

El Paso has the highest average price for gas in the state at $2.15 a gallon. Lubbock's average price went down one cent this week to $1.81 a gallon. Midland and Odessa's prices are still above $2 gallon, while Odessa is $2.07 a gallon and Midland's average price is $2.01 a gallon.

Across the region, Abilene's average price went up three cents. It's now $1.86 a gallon. Amarillo had no change to its gas prices, with the average staying at $1.82 a gallon. Over in Wichita Falls, the average price dropped two cents a gallon to $1.88 per gallon.

AAA Texas noted that the reduced demand for gas, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, is what's driving gas prices below $2 per gallon.

The U.S. is entering its 10th month of the fight against the novel coronavirus, which was first officially discovered in the country in January after originating in Wuhan, China.

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