Chris De La Garza and Gina Green long ago recognized a serious problem that so many overlook: the homeless veterans problem. "No veteran should be homeless", De La Garza told me during our interview on 'Wake Up Call' this week. She's absolutely right. This issue shouldn't exist. Green says she was dertermined to find a way to help make a differance, so her joining the efforts for Base Camp Lindsey seem the perfect way to do so.

Base Camp Lindsey conceptual art-NTVRF
Base Camp Lindsey conceptual art-NTVRF

Base Camp Lindsey is the vision of De La Garza and a handful of fellow Wichitans who want to solve the homeless veteran problem. Base Camp Lindsey, a project of the North Texas Veteran's Relief Fund, will be a community made up of tiny homes. These tiny homes will serve as trasnsitional housing for homeless veterans. The project is still in the fundraising stages. The property has already been secured and is located at 1909 Old Windthorst Road in Wichita Falls. Base Camp Lindsey is named for U.S. Army Buffalo Soldier Felix Lindsey, who lived in Wichita Falls from the late 1890's until his death in 1939.

The whole project is being done with private donations. "HUD defines a homeless person as someone who's been on the street for 12 months. We don't want to leave a veteran on the street for 12 months. If we take their (HUD) money, we have to do this their way", say's De La Garza. Building with strictly private dollars eliminates the strings that invaribly accompanies help from the federal government on any project of any kind.

But it won't just serve as a warm place to lie down. Base Camp Lindsey will also help get to the source of the vet's problems; how they became homeless, PTSD issues, and more. The idea is to help these veterans transition back into a normal day-to-day life by getting them connected to the help they really need. Getting them off the street is just the first big step.

Frontier Days

This Saturday (April 27), the group will hold a fundraiser. "Frontier Days" will take place from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday at Oscar Park in Iowa Park. Several chuck wagons will be serving lunch beggining at 12 noon. The cost of the meal is $10 and all proceeds benfefit the building of Base Camp Lindsey. The event will also feature music all day long and 'Brush Arbor Gospel' event on Sunday morning at 9 am. A Go Fund Me page has been established to help the fundraising goal.

More fundraising activities for Base Camp Lindsey are coming up and we will keep you posted on when and where they will be held.


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