Beginning January 7, 2019, employees of Work Services Corporation who rely on public transportation will be able to utilize City of Wichita Falls buses after hours.

Sources: WSC/City of WF
WSC/City of WF

The current bus schedules run from approximately 5 am to as late as 10 pm. This new route will allow Work Services Corporation employees who work late into the night at Sheppard AFB to have transportation outside of those hours.

The launch is for a trial period, but David Toogood, President of WSC, told KAUZ that, though the service may not see a huge amount of use right away, he says that “I think what we’re going to find out once it starts out, it were going to get a lot of people using the service”.

The City of Wichita Falls approved over $17,000 for the project and WSC is also providing funds to the city as well. WSC has the food services contract at Sheppard AFB and employs individuals with disabilities. The company also operates a paper clip manufacturing facility that supplies paper clips to the federal government and retail outlets under the Skilcraft brand name.

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