UPDATE: 6/2/2016
The Wichita Falls Police Department reports a total of 19 victims of vandalism on Clovis Drive as of Thursday afternoon.  One victim also reported their car had been 'keyed' as well.  Sgt. Harold McClure says its common for criminal mischief complaints to be taken only by phone, unless there is physical evidence to recover or a felony offense is also involved.  Due to the volume of reports and dollar amount involved, detectives are now investigating.  As of Thursday, no suspect or suspects has been identified.

Original story: 5/31/16

Residents on Clovis Drive in the Sunset Terrace addition of City View in Wichita Falls awoke Tuesday morning to find their tires had been slashed.

At least 20 vehicles were vandalized sometime between 11:00 pm Monday night and 4:00 am Tuesday morning. "There are flats from here to the corner," said resident Richard Osburn.

Virtually every vehicle on the south side of the street had its tires slashed. "If you had two or three vehicles in your house, they got all your tires," Osburn continued. One family is stuck with replacing 11 tires on their three cars.

According to a resident who lives on Covington St., this is the third time vandals have hit vehicles in the area in the recent past. They said they will be adding surveillance cameras to their property today.

Osburn and several other residents on the street told us they had contacted police to file reports but none had been visited by anyone from the Wichita Falls Police Department as of Tuesday afternoon.

Damage estimates could be as much as $16,000.

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