Retail giant Walmart will be in court next year for their lawsuit against Texas for the state's laws preventing the company from selling hard liquor.

With discovery on the lawsuit due to end by the end of March of next year, a court date of September 26, 2016 has been scheduled to hear Walmart's suit against the state of Texas.  Walmart's lawsuit alledges that the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is in violation of the 14th Amendment by banning publicly-traded companies exceeding 35 shareholders from selling hard liquor.  According to the lawsuit,

Texas' ban against some but not all public corporations is nothing more than naked economic protectionism and violates the Constitution by arbitrarily excluding Walmart and other public corporations from the retail spirits market.

Walmart and Sam's Club are already leading the state in beer and wine sales, wishing to add a secondary store to existing Walmart locations to facilitate the selling of liquor, which they already do in half of the country.  The TABC says that Walmart is attempting to circumvent state legislation by claiming constitutional violations, while Walmart has called the law irrational and believes the state is trying to stifle free enterprise.

via The Houston Chronicle