The Dallas Mavericks jumped ahead of a Sports Illustrated article that is about to come out and things are not good.

Here I thought the worst part of the Mavericks this year was gonna be their record. Nope, this story without a doubt is going to be the worst thing in 2018 for my Dallas Mavericks. A report is set to come out from Sports Illustrated on sexual misconduct in the Dallas Mavericks workplace involving two individuals.

Former Dallas Mavericks writer Earl K. Sneed and former Dallas Mavericks president Terdema Ussery. Let's start with Ussery (pictured to the left of Jamie Foxx above), he was the Mavericks President from 1997-2015. During his period of time with the team, several women claimed Ussery had inappropriate behavior in a workplace environment. Including sexually suggestive comments and inappropriate touching.

According to this article about to come out in Sports Illustrated, looks like those women did go to the Dallas Mavericks human resources department and Ussery remained as president. The reason for him leaving in 2015 was for a higher paying job with Under Armour. He left there after two months, allegedly a woman there accused him of the same behavior. According to the Mavericks, they only became aware of these allegations during the past few days.

The article is going to prove however that those women did actually fill out paperwork or talk to someone in the organization. One woman claimed former vice president of marketing Paul Monroe, threatened to fire her if she "didn't shut up and do [your] job," and to just take the abuse from Ussery because "he's the boss."

Earl K. Sneed was a writer for the Mavericks website and you would sometimes seem him on the weekly Mavericks show. Clip of him above doing one of his weekly videos. Earl was accused of hitting one of his female colleagues, which he was also having a relationship with at the time. This is just two years after Sneed plead guilty to assaulting another woman.

"While both instances described in the report are damning and language used is not accurate, the two relationships described in the report are not something I am proud to have been a part of," Sneed wrote in the statement. "I underwent much counseling after both situations, under the direction of Buddy Pittman, and I feel like I grew from that counseling. I also signed a contract stating that I would not have one-on-one contact or fraternize with female employees after the inaccurately described incident with my female co-worker, who was a live-in girlfriend. I abided by the details of that contract for four years, and received counseling during that period to avoid future instances.

The Mavericks released a lengthy statement on these allegations which you can read on their website. I am going to wait to read this full article from Sports Illustrated. With the Mavericks talking about it before it comes out, I have a feeling it will release a lot more information. The women who came forward have no complaints about players or coaches within the organization. They said the business office was where everything happened and nobody did anything to stop it.

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