That awkward moment when you have to go to the crowd for a proper jersey.

We hear it all the time, that person is so nice they would literally give you the shirt off their back. That is exactly what Levi Patton did this past weekend. The Stars were playing a big preseason game on Saturday. I say big because the Stars were playing the game in Tulsa, a city without a pro hockey team and they're getting their only taste of pro hockey for the year.

You would want everything to go right, well one thing didn't. Winger for the Stars Alexander Radulov didn't have the right size jersey. Not sure if the equipment manager messed up or if Radulov put on a couple pounds in the offseason. Whatever it was, Alexander could not play in this jersey. So the Stars actually went through the stands to find a fan wearing his jersey.

That is when they found Levi, who had the jersey and was wearing the right size for Alexander as well. So Levi literally gave the shirt off his back for Alexander to play in. If you look closely at it, you can actually see the replica patch on the jersey during the game. Levi actually got the jersey back after the game. He said it was tattered, sweaty and was autographed as well.

If I was Levi, I would put that in a frame with a plaque. You have a piece of sports history. How often does a player wear your jersey that you walked into the stadium with? Pretty awesome story and even cooler that is was with my Dallas Stars.

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