Last Friday night, downtown Dallas skyline looked a little different, when residents saw black smoke rising from the top floor of the Manor House, which is a 25-story apartment building located downtown.  WFAA is reporting that shortly after 6:30 PM, Dallas Fire and Rescue responded to the two-alarm fire at 1222 Commerce Street downtown. The apartment’s residents were quickly evacuated from the building, before the firefighters arrived on scene.

After burning for about an hour, firefighters were able to successfully extinguish the blaze at the Manor House.  The firemen were able to contain the flames to a common area of the building, known as the community room, where the fire is believed to have originated from.  Fortunately, no one’s apartment was damaged in the blaze.

According to WFAA, investigators believe that the fire was started after someone set a couch in the community room ablaze.  The flames then spread across the room until Dallas Fire and Rescue was able to extinguish the fire.  The investigation is still ongoing, and at this time it is not known who set the furniture on fire, or what their motive was to begin with.

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What is it with people setting furniture on fire anyways?  Just last week I wrote an article about a man, right here in Wichita Falls, who was sentenced to five years’ probation, because he set the mattress on fire in his motel room.  If it wasn’t for the Wichita Fall’s fire department’s quick response, he could have burned down the entire building.  You can read all about that disaster by clicking here.

Now, over the weekend a high-rise residential building in Dallas, caught on fire after someone set a couch on fire.  Hopefully fire investigators find out who set the couch on fire, and bring him to justice.

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